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Advice on travelling in Armenia

Below you can read the important information that can need you to visit Armenia.
Currency, money exchange
National currency is dram. In Armenia, only AMD is used to make payments both in stores and in the other service's stores. That is the reason  you can see anywhere in AMD exchange offices.  One US dollar is about 480 dram.

Just say “barev” (“hi”)” . Actually, everything is easier than you think. Although Armenians are considered warm and amiable, they don’t usually kiss a person they saw for the first time. Hand-shaking is the most common way of greeting. 

 Advice about food
Food: Eating is possible everywhere. No matter in which part of the city you are, that within a radius of 100 meters you will find a bistro, café or a restaurant.  Any cuisine can be found here: Armenian, Arabic, Georgian, European, and Chinese. Prices may significantly differ. But on the whole, dining in Armenia will cost you much less than in Moscow, for example. 
Water: You can buy water in any shop store.  Moreover, there are numerous water sources in streets of Yerevan, which Armenians call “pulpulak”. It is a unique construction of a meter height, from which pure, clear and tasty stream of water beats. It is absolutely safe and free of charge.
Dress code
There is no peculiar everyday clothing rule, especially in Yerevan and other big cities, where particularly youth have complete freedom in clothing.  

Armenian climate
In Armenia the climate is continental, with cold winters and hot summers, and usually with little rain. Armenia is a mountainous country, and only a small portion of its territory is located below 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) above sea level.

How to ring to Armenia from other countries: 
  • On landline phone: 374 (Armenian code) 0+10 local code+ subscriber number 
  • On mobile phone: 374 (Armenia code) + mobile number prefix + phone number 

How to ring in Armenia:
  •  On landline phone: 0 +10 local code+ subscriber number 
  •  On mobile phone: 0 + mobile number prefix + phone number  

Important phone numbers:
  • Fire service – 101
  • Police – 102
  • Ambulance – 103
  • Airport – 187
  • Railway information service – 184
  • Weather – 186

    Entry visa
    Holders of all types of passports from the following 43 countries are not required to obtain a visa for entry to Armenia for 180 day period within any year period:


For more information you can visit the web site of Armenian ministry.